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We can see in some places this brass bowl is filled with water by floating fresh beautiful coloured flowers which gives fragment odor and rich look. The Actual reason for such display is everything on earth has a vibrational frequency giving rise to many forms of energy. That includes all entities in the space time continuum. The reason we get a calmative feeling of relaxation or tranquillity when we are out in the woods or sitting on a quiet beach is because when we are in the lap of nature our own vibrational frequency aligns with Mother Nature and we become one with the Universe.

In our homes we accumulate many things that follow nature’s laws and many a times some of the vibrational energies are not in harmony with us. One cannot defy the laws of nature when negative forces always attract positive forces to neutralise. You can experience that by changing things around in ones  homes or your work place you will fell different. Experiencing many changes, you will realise that negative forces are also required to balance the energy levels in yourself and the surrounding.

To have only positive energy in ones surrounding is not necessarily a winning formula for you will be attracting negative as well. The balance of negative and positive energy is vital for an unprejudiced life style.

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